A full range of dried and canned fruits, as well as nuts for the everyday use in every bakery.

APRJAM                                  APRICOT JAM 25KG

APRICOT                                 APRICOT HALVES (6XA10)

B/MIX                                       BAKERS MIX 15KG

FR/COC                                    FRUIT COCKTAIL (6 X A10)

FR/COC825GR                        FRUIT COCKTAIL 24XA2.5 (825GR TINS)

C/MIX                                       DRIED FRUIT CAKE MIX 15KG

CHEL/RED5                             WHOLE RED CHERRIES 5KG

CHER                                        BROKEN CHERRIES 5KG

CHER/G/BR                              CHERRIES GREEN BROKEN 5KG

CHER/GR                                 WHOLE GREEN CHERRIES 5KG

DATES                                     DATES WHOLE (10KG)

CURRENTS                             CURRANTS 13 KG

F/MINCE                                   FRUIT MINCE MEAT 20KG

M/PEEL10                               MIXED PEEL 5KG

PEACHS                           PEACH SLICE (6XA10)

PINEPC                             PINEAPPLE PIECES A10 (X6)

PINERGS                          PINEAPPLE RINGS (6XA10)


RAISINS/S                        RAISINS (SEEDLESS) 15KG

MIXPEEL                           MIXED PEEL 15KG

ALMOND/FL                      FLAKED ALMONDS 5KG

P/HALVES                         PEANUT HALVES ROASTED - 5KG

P/NIBS                               PEANUT NIBS 5KG

PECAN                               PECAN NUT HALVES - T/G 3KG

PECAN/BR                         PECAN BROKEN HALVES 3KG

DUNSTKIRS                      SOUR CHERRIES

DCHER/R                            DICED CHERRIES RED

DCHER/G                            DICED CHERRIES GREEN

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