Austrian Premix was founded in 1998 with the aim to provide the South African bakery market with bread and roll premixes and other baking ingredients, demonstrating the outstanding Austrian and German bread culture.

Image of three pick up trucks/bakkiesAustrian Premix manufactures and distributes a wide range of full Pre-Mixes, "ingredients", cocktails
and baking additives, particularly in the line of specialty rye breads (using imported central European
rye flour), artisan breads, specialty breads and rolls, convenience products and ingredients and bakery consumables to independent and in-store bakeries, chain stores, franchises, plant bakeries, biscuit factories, pie producers and the Frozen-and par baked industry.

Austrian Premix has at its disposal the full know-how of Backaldrin/Austria, which is the top quality producer of baking additives in Europe.

Distribution is done in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape directly by Austrian Premix delivery cars/trucks. In addition we have a wide network throughout South Africa through distributors and agents situated in Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Durban. Austrian Premix also has an agent in Namibia and exports to some larger bakery operations in other African countries.

Image of Austrian Pre-mix staffApart from our own manufactured products, we stock (from local production or imported)

All popular canned fruits, fruit toppings and jams.

Dried fruits, nuts, glazed cherries

All sugars and syrups

Confectionery chocolate products

All popular seeds

A very special Italian vegetable cream

Full ranges of margarine's, fats and oils


A full range of improvers for the production of frozen, par baked or fresh
  morning goods.

A full range of hardware smalls, rye fermentation baskets, cake boards, aluminum
  foil and shapes.

Organic and conventional grains, flakes and flours (imported from Austria/Germany)

Image of Backaldrin click on to browse the siteInnovate don't imitate is the main idea in BACKALDRIN. In the research and development departments there are young and ambitious experts like bakers, food engineers and technicians working hand in hand. With this competence in R&D coupled with the unique system of direct delivery, BACKALDRIN has set standards in the world of baking industry in a very short time. Products like liquid sourdough "BAS", Improvers, Functional Food Rolls and the new "Mein Kornbrot" fit the customer needs and are showing the way for BACKALDRIN.

Image of Strobl Logo The Ebelsberg mill looks back on a long tradition, having belonged to the Strobl family for the last 120 years. Even though husking-mill and soy products have only been manufactured here since 1985, STROBL-NATURMUHLE has become the market leader in Austria. With the first steps toward building up export markets being taken in 1990, export sales have risen continually and make up 20% of sales. Today STROBL-NATURMUHLE manufactures specialized products from various grain types and presents a full line of products for grain processing - 200 products at present. All the company's products are available from biologically certified farms. STROBL-NATURMUHLE is licensed by Austria's largest association for biological farming "ERNTE FUR DAS LEBEN" which in turn is recognized by IFOAM. STROBL-NATUR-MUHLE is a member of the DEMETER Association.

Image of SAFSIS logoSAFSIS Gold Certificate of Achievement - Premixes and Pastries
The audit conducted was based on the guidance document drawn up by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative - Fifth Edition).

The audit conducted incorporates key selected elements of:

                                             GHP (Good Hygiene Practices)

                                             GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

                                             R918 (Regulations governing general hygiene requirements for food premises and the transport of food)

                                             SABS 049 (South African Standard Code of Practice - Food Hygiene Management)

                                             Principle 1 of HACCP requiring the listing of food safety hazards and measures to control the hazards.

                                             Selected elements of the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfections Act 54/1972

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Images of Woman selecting bread, donuts and accessories