A wide range of carefully selected premium quality seeds.

XNIGELLE                            BLACK CUMIN SEED 1KG

S/LI25                                   LIN SEEDS 25KG

S/LI5                                     LIN SEEDS 5KG

S/POP25                              POPPY SEEDS 25KG

S/POP5                                POPPY SEEDS 5KG

S/PUM25                             PUMPKIN SEEDS 25KG

S/PUM5                                PUMPKIN SEEDS 5KG

S/SES25                              SESAME SEEDS 25KG

S/SES5                                 SESAME SEEDS 5KG

S/SUN25                                          SUNFLOWER SEEDS 25KG

S/SUN5                                            SUNFLOWER SEEDS 5KG

CUM-MIX                                         CUMIN SEED MIX 5KG

S/ANIS                                             ANISEED 5KG

S/ANISEED-50KG                           ANISEED 50KG

S/CARA                                            CARAWAY SEEDS 5KG

S/CARAWAY25KG                         CARAWAY SEEDS 25KG

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